Why BGE?

As the number of international students in the United States increases every year, the number of agencies is also growing. Boston Global Education has been in the Boston area for more than 10 years, and we have experienced staff and host families who are capable of accommodating any student, whatever their needs. Here are a few reasons why many of our clients choose us over competing agencies.


Academic achievement is richly celebrated in historic New England. Our agency is located in Worcester, Massachusetts, only 40 miles from Boston, with access to world-class institutions, cultural landmarks, and centered between the northeast’s largest metropoles.


As the most-trusted international student agency in Greater Boston, we pride ourselves on our established relationships with local schools. Our staff maintains an open line of communication with school administration to ensure the academic success of each and every student.


Guiding international students in the US for more than 10 years, BGE’s consultants, educators, and host coordinators are highly experienced and passionate about their involvement with students. We make sure that all modes of communication remain open at all times.


Our dedication to our students extends way beyond the classroom. We understand that every student is unique. Our after-school programs and services are custom-tailored to each student, that we may guide them to maximize their academic and personal achievement.