Test Preparation

Intensive Exam Preparation

Prior to midterm and final exam weeks, our private tutors work intensively with students as they prepare for their comprehensive exams. Intensive study sessions are typically 4 hours with a 1 hour break. These sessions take place after school, on weekends, or during school breaks. Should students need this extra support, our tutors are available to provide them with review sessions to go over difficult material. If students need additional guidance in a certain subject, we make that tutors with specialized knowledge in that particular subject are available to help. From AP Biology to general Spanish classes, we ensure that our tutors possess the necessary expertise to assist our students and adequately prepare them for upcoming exams.

TOEFL/SAT Preparation

Additionally, qualified tutors provide extra support and preparation for students who seek help with standardized tests, like the TOEFL or the SAT. We provide supplemental classes to help our students develop test taking strategies and familiarize themselves with both exams. Our instructors challenge students in order to highlight their strengths and overcome their weaknesses in the various subject areas, whether it be TOEFL writing sections or SAT math. Students can use our facilities to take practice exams on site, utilize the resources in our library of assorted practice books, or ask questions to our office staff when they need help or clarification. We strive to accommodate our students' individual needs and ensure that we prepare them in the best way possible so that they can attain the highest scores on their standardized exams.