Having worked with local schools and families for more than 10 years, many of our partner schools and host families have written testimonials to express their support of our program. The following is a collection of comments that we've received from our affiliates:

Partner School Testimonials

“We have been really happy with our relationship with BGE, they’ve done a great job helping our students with their academic problems, being able to reach out to host families, and finding host families who are very much invested in making sure the boys do well! BGE really steps up to make sure the boys are doing very well. We’ve found that the students that BGE sends to St. Johns are usually very academically strong, and they are able to step up to our curriculum. Our international students have made the honor roll, at a school which is very competitive.”
- Dr. John Morse, Director of Admissions, Academic Dean of St. John's High School

Host Family Testimonials

“The experience that we have had with Julie and BGE has been truly wonderful. She is very cheerful and adds brightness to our home. The program is a great opportunity to experience other cultures and create a home environment for the student. I believe that Julie is truly enjoying her time with us and we are enjoying her. I think this program is wonderful and would definitely do it again.”
- Ford family – Worcester, MA

“Karen and I have had the pleasure to host two wonderful students that are truly a joy to have around. We are a very large family, all six children have moved on to their individual careers. It was suggested to us that we may enjoy hosting a student from Boston Global Education. We were a little hesitant because we had not done that before. Our concerns were put to rest very quickly. BGE has lived up to their agreement with us and the staff has been outstanding.”
- Pihl family – Shrewsbury, MA

Student Testimonials

"The BGE program helped me in many ways. First of all, the tutoring program helped me. When I did not understand the homework and tests the tutors were kind to help me. As a result, I improved my English skills and I really appreciate it!"
- Sunghun – Holy Name High School