Staff Profiles

KangDavid Kang, D.Eng
As a former international student myself, I graduated from the University of Massachusetts Lowell with a Doctor of Engineering in 2006. I started this work in 2003 to help international students. At that time, many international students, especially Asian students, had a lack of information regarding how to successfully study abroad in the United States. In 2007, I founded the company Boston Global Education, when more students were in need of my guidance. Since 2007, we have counseled more than 1000 students, hosting seminars discussing how to be admitted to better colleges and how to succeed academically in the United States. We are so proud of the fact that almost 100% of our students have gone on to 4 year colleges after high school study with us. Since we founded our agency, many of our high school seniors have been admitted to some of the most selective colleges in the country.

SarahSarah Oberg
Host Coordinator
Sarah was born and educated in England, but has been living in the United States since the late 1980's. Married with three daughters, Sarah has been hosting international students for over 4 years. Sarah works as the local coordinator for the Shrewsbury/Northborough area for all St. John's students.

WilliamWilliam Gagen
Director of Academics
William holds graduate and undergraduate degrees in History. His areas of study include world history and ideological state apparatuses. William has traveled to China where he studied Chinese culture and history. He has over a decade of experience studying Theology, which has proven invaluable in helping international students comprehend the required Religion classes at Catholic schools.

BridgetteBridgette Reiss
Originally from Western Massachusetts, Bridgette attended Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts and received her bachelor’s degree in English/Communications in 2012. Her previous work experience includes customer service with LEGO® and circulation work at several libraries. In her free time, she likes to read, craft, travel, and have Netflix marathons.

YongdaeYongdae Kwon
Camp Director
Yongdae was born in Seoul, Korea, but came to the United States when he was in elementary school. Yongdae has lived with a variety of host families and understands well the experience of an international student. Yongdae lived in Washington State for 8 years before relocating to Worcester, where is now a full-time student at Quinsigamond Community College.

TongTong Cao
Advertising and Promotions Manager

LindaLinda Ash
Admissions Coordinator