Private Tutoring

BGE strives to create the most effective tutoring programs that offer highly specialized support in order to help our students succeed academically. We provide our students with a quiet office environment in which they can receive individualized attention from our very motivated tutors after school. Our goal is to reach out to struggling students as early as possible and help them gain knowledge of effective, lifelong learning strategies and the necessary skills to become better learners.

After-school Tutoring Program (ATP)

BGE students have the option to work with a private tutor during the week, either for general study or for focused study help. Students typically meet with their tutors anywhere from 2-8 hours per week. Some students require a tutor to teach them the appropriate study skills to succeed in their classes in the United States. Other students benefit from having a mentor who can guide them in their studies. Students taking AP or VHS courses might require extra help from a specialized tutor who is familiar with the subject matter and can help the student understand advanced concepts or problems. Whatever the student's needs, BGE works to find a perfect match in an after-school tutor or mentor, based on the student's background and personality type.

About Our Tutors

BGE employs qualified private tutors who make themselves readily available to students if they opt to seek supplemental academic help. All of our tutors are either attending or have graduated from accredited 4-year universities and have years of experience working with students. Many of our tutors are undergraduate or graduate students, schoolteachers, or professors who work at local colleges and universities. Tutors are generally available to work with students at our office, in the home, or wherever our students choose to meet. Tutors provide first-rate academic support and guidance should students require help writing essays, completing school projects, or preparing for upcoming exams. Many students benefit from this program as they receive regular attention from a personal mentor in addition to study assistance. Our tutors are motivated to develop a relationship with their students and help to guide them so that they can attain their academic goals.