Day School Program

The day school program is our most popular option, providing a number of benefits to students who wish to experience an authentic U.S. education. Day school students live with host families who provide a nurturing environment that allows the student to gain a deeper understanding of American culture.

Our Comprehensive Day School Program:
An Alternative To Boarding School

Choosing our day school program brings the same convenience of a boarding school, but with the benefit of individual care and guardianship. From an academic perspective, private day school students receive an equally competitive education. Supplemental courses and private tutoring offered at BGE provide students with a custom-tailored program geared toward academic achievement. From a lifestyle perspective, living with a host family provides students with more opportunities to understand the ins and outs of American culture and society, which will better prepare them for the American collegiate environment. In addition, BGE staff can design customized activity plans for students according to their interest, whether it be in music, art, drama, sports or community service.

Academic Services Lifestyle Management
    Pre-enrollment Services
  • School selection
  • Admission strategies
  • Application assistance
  • Interview preparation
    Post-enrollment Services
  • Course selection
  • Academic coaching
  • Quarterly academic reports
  • College admissions counseling
  • College application assistance (optional)
  • SAT/TOEFL preparatory courses (optional)
  • Private tutoring (optional)
  • Homestay placement
  • Short-term accommodation
  • Host family reports
  • Acculturation advice
  • Activity guidance
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Career counseling
  • Transportation
  • Student tours and activities
  • Mediation and problem-solving
  • American Homestay

    The day school program allows students to experience “real” American life. All day students are placed with local American host families who serve as their primary caretakers and guardians for the duration of their stay. Our selective screening process guarantees that only host families who are able to offer their students a comfortable, long-term accommodation will be considered. BGE's local area coordinators act as liaisons between the students and their host families, ensuring safe and open lines of communication. Host families provide daily meals and transportation for their students. They also enjoy seasonal activities and holidays with their students. By living with host families, BGE students enjoy a balance of school and home life while learning the nuances of American culture.

    Personalized College Preparation

    One of the benefits of our day school program is the personalized attention and guardianship that comes with our package. Day school students reside in the Worcester area and receive regular attention from our experienced staff. We know the American education system inside out, and can equip students with the correct knowledge and direction to better prepare them for the college application process.

    Participating Day Schools

    School Grades Type Enrollment Teacher:Student Ratio International Students Fact Sheet
    East Catholic High School 9-12 Coed 739 1:13 3% Download
    Holy Name High School 7-12 Coed 570 1:13 10% Download
    Holden Christian Academy Pre K-8 Coed 1%
    St. Bernard's High School 9-12 Coed 850 1:10 5% Download
    St. John's High School 9-12 All boys 1000 1:17 2% Download
    St. Peter-Marian High School 7-12 Coed 492 1:10 10% Download