Boston Global Education believes that education does not begin in the classroom, but rather in the hearts of the students. Our services are designed to provide students with a nurturing environment that will help them acclimate to the culture and lifestyle of American schools, while motivating them to pursue an enriching educational experience abroad.

We know that early planning and professional academic guidance are the keys for young high school students to succeed in their college admissions process in the U.S. With professional, high-quality counseling teams and attentive local coordinators, BGE aims to provide not only the best homestay and school placements but also the best college admissions preparation services and advice.

While we show the students the way to achieve the ultimate success, we do not necessarily show them the easiest route. We strive to instill into the heart of every one of our students the fortitude and courage to face and overcome the challenges that accompany living and studying in schools abroad.