Become a Host Family

Boston Global Education’s host family program is based on student needs, integrity, and open communication. We rely on these three pillars to shape our host family program and ensure that all students are happy in their placements. On average, we have about 50 students yearly who are happily placed in host families in the local area and who prefer to be placed with a host family as opposed to attending boarding school or seeking out independent accommodations. We are constantly seeking families to add to our program, so as to further diversify our offering to students.

Who can host an international student?

BGE understands that all students are different and that each student requires a style of accommodation that is suited to his personality, interests, and lifestyle choices. For this reason we welcome host families of all types. Some of our host families are married couples with children, while others are single women or men who benefit from the one-on-one relationship with their student. We have couples who are retired and want to have children in their home even though their children are grown and living out of the house. Some host families work during the day while others stay at home.

What are the responsibilities of a host family?

Host families must provide students with three square meals per day as well as transportation to and from school and extra-curricular activities. If the host's home is located near a bus route, students can take the school bus to commute to and from school. Families who live far from school/out of town may be required to drive their student to and from school on a daily basis.

What sort of accommodations must a host family provide for their student?

Hosts are expected to provide a well-lit, private room with a window that must be furnished with a bed, desk, and chair, as well as a private closet space with hangers or a suitably sized dresser that can hold the student’s personal effects. Prior to student arrival, hosts are expected to do their best to make the student's living arrangements as comfortable as possible. The student's room should be clean and bedding should be freshly made. It is typical of many families to provide a care package filled with small snacks and personal items, such as hand and bath towels, as well as a laundry basket that the student can use.

What sort of activities do host families enjoy with their students?

Host parents usually stay busy and enjoy fun activities in which students can participate, such as attending sporting events, going bowling or playing mini golf, or enjoying a day at the beach. Many students at BGE participate in school sports or intramurals seasonally, or are involved in extra-curricular activities such as art club, music club, drama club, or math team. Host families are encouraged to attend student games and performances. On weekends, many students like to travel locally or visit with relatives or friends. Host families may invite their students to travel out of state as long as they receive permission from the student's natural parents. Volunteering is another great way that students and host families can bond while making a positive contribution to the community at large.

What sort of rules and expectations exist?

Our host families are expected to treat their student like a member of the family, which has its perks but also its obligations for both student and host. Families share with students their behavioral expectations and may assign chores or duties that will require the student to be more involved in the daily affairs of the family. Reversely, host families are expected to provide their student with the same support, guidance, and companionship as they would their own child.

BGE's host families try to live a balanced life which would include getting plenty of rest, eating regular nutritional meals, and getting a healthy balance of exercise and social exposure. They should encourage their students to spend plenty of time on homework and study but to balance that with a variety of social and athletic activities.

How does BGE communicate with its host families?

All of our host families at BGE have an assigned local coordinator who serves as a point of contact for both the host family and their student(s). Every week, our local coordinators meet and share ideas on improving our program, by discussing any challenges and or planning any upcoming events. They stay current on schedules and work as a team with schools and their families to ensure that communication remains open at all times.

This sounds like it could be for me, how do I apply?

Families interested in joining BGE as potential hosts should fill out an application and submit it to our office by fax or email. Please provide as many details as possible in your application. We look forward to working with you!