Boston Global Education, Inc. is a professional education consulting company for foreign students who wish to study in the United States. Since 2001, we have served over 1000 international high school students with our diversified programs and services. Our diverse staff understands well the native culture, values and expectations of both students and their natural parents. Our staff includes experienced native speakers of a variety of languages including Japanese, Korean, and Chinese, who can help to bridge the language and cultural gap between students and their teachers, classmates, and host families. With offices in China and the US, BGE welcomes students from around the world.

We Are Parents

As the legal guardian of the students, Boston Global Education is responsible for every aspect of the student's well-being and academic progress. A student's every success is our success; every obstacle our obstacle. We are not hired custodians, rather, we are both de facto and de jure parents of the students while they are in the United States. We understand the concern that parents have for their children, and through our better care system (reporting to parents, communicating with schools, superior host family screening and placement) we take care of students as if they were our own.

Pre-screened, Reliable Hosts

Before we even consider placing a single student with a host family, we conduct careful background checks. We weigh a family's qualifications in several aspects - number of children at home, highest level of education, religious affiliation, home furnishings, health and vitality, pets, etc. We match these qualifications with students so that each student would find a perfect match. We keep close tabs on both the students and their host families, and whenever there is a concern on either end, we mediate between students and their families to prevent any serious problems that could arise out of a simple misunderstanding.

Superior Academic Counseling

BGE guides students through every stage of their academic journey. From choosing a school and navigating the initial application process to acceptance and obtention of an I-20; from consular visits to the student's arrival in the United States--we are behind them every step of the way. Our supplemental tutoring and college consulting services can provide students with a personalized roadmap for success.