Student Admissions

Applying to school internationally can be a daunting process, but BGE tries to make student transitions as seamless as possible. Students serious about applying should download our Application Checklist to keep track of the required forms they need to complete their application.

Submitting the required forms up front in the form of a complete application is the best way to ensure a smooth application process, and reduces wait times for admissions decisions and I-20 processing.

Below is a breakdown of our application process and the list of required forms. All required forms are downloadable in the "Download Forms" section of this page.

BGE Application

1. 1. Student fills out BGE International Student Application and submits it along with a $100 application fee and passport copy.

School Application

2. If the student knows what school they wish to apply to, the student should fill out any school application(s) and submit them along with the following:

  • School Transcripts
  • TOEFL, SLEP, SSAT scores (if required)
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation

Please refer to the table below to learn of each school's requirements and deadlines.

Letters of Rec.
Bank Statement
Download School
East Catholic High School Yes Yes No Download
Holy Name High School No Yes No Download
Holden Christian Academy No Yes No Download
St. Bernard's High School Yes Yes Yes Download
St. John's High School Yes Yes Yes Download
St. Peter-Marian High School No No No Download

3. Boston Global Education staff remits the school applications to the schools to which the student intends to apply.

4. Once the schools have received the completed application, schools will likely schedule an interview (typically by phone or Skype) with the student. Boston Global Education staff will inform the student of the scheduled interview date and time. Boston Global Education staff may also perform an informal interview with the student prior to their school interview.

5. Boston Global Education staff will notify student of admission status as soon as it is decided.

After Acceptance

6. Students must commit to admissions decision by remitting a $2000 deposit along with the following:

  • Program Agreement
  • Massachusetts School Heath Record and Certificate of Immunization
  • Authorization for Medical Treatment
  • Student Handbook, reviewed and signed by both student and their natural parent or guardian
  • Financial Certification Form and Original Bank Statement proving sufficient funds for the year (if required)

7. Only when all documents have been received, BGE will mail I-20 student.

8. Student schedules embassy visit and confirms with BGE when visa is obtained.

9. Student should remit remainder of program fee within 15 days of visa confirmation.

10. Student should send flight confirmation to BGE within one week of departure.

11. Students participating in a homestay will receive a host family profile and placement form prior to their departure.

After Student Arrival

12. Boston Global Education staff meets student at Boston Logan International Airport and transports them to their homestay.

13. Boston Global Education staff will have an orientation with the student and their host family upon arrival at the home, to review the handbook and guidelines for a successful stay.

14. Prior to starting school, Boston Global Education staff will have a meeting with the school administration to arrange a tour and to create the student's course schedule. If necessary, students will be brought to a uniform store where they can purchase the required school attire. Students can purchase required textbooks at the school store or online.

15. Once all preparations have been made, the student will start school as a regular day student.